ManyaMs. Bryan has practiced law for 23 years and brings to the firm Patch and Bryan many years of criminal law experience.  As an assistant district attorney and public defender, Ms. Bryan has tried approximately 95 felony cases including everything from drug possession cases to capital murder.  At this time, she has not had one case reversed for retrial by the Mississippi Court of Appeals or Mississippi Supreme Court.  This is quite a record, as it shows the depth of experience and knowledge she has in the courtroom.

Besides litigation, Ms. Bryan also is well schooled in writing and research.  While in law school, she served as Associate Editor of the Mississippi Law Journal and upon graduation, worked as a Mississippi Supreme Court law clerk to Justices Blass and McRae.

While an assistant district attorney Ms. Bryan’s most notable cases involved aggravated driving under the influence cases. These cases involve driving under the influence resulting in either death or serious bodily injury.   Smith v. State, 942 So.2d 308 (Miss. App. 2006), LePine v. State, 10 So.3d 927 (Miss. App. 2009), Van Wagner v. State, 2010-KA-01631-COA, and Easterling v. State, 2010-KA-02075-COA are all examples of Ms. Bryan’s success in the courtroom.

Ms. Bryan has served her community well, representing both the Picayune School District and Pearl River County.  She combined both her legal and teaching skills as an instructor at the National District Attorneys Association’s National Advocacy Center located at the University of South Carolina. She also served as a coach for the Picayune Memorial High School mock trial team.

Ms. Bryan graduated from Picayune Memorial High School and earned her B.S. degree in history with a minor in English and secondary education at the University of Southern Mississippi. She earned her Juris Doctor degree in 1990 at the Ole Miss Law School.